It was October 2015. A boat carrying 300 people sank off the coast of Lesvos, many including Rafat's cousin, her husband, and two children were missing. Two days later, Neda found Rafat's family. They didn't make it.

A refugee himself, Rafat became determined to help the refugees making the same "Trip of Death" that took the life of his family, and traveled to Lesvos and began volunteering on the coast. Not long after that, Neda followed. After a couple months of pulling in boats, they shifted their focus to the distribution of humanitarian aid. 

In April 2016, Neda and Rafat got married in the company of other volunteers. What was supposed to be a one month volunteer trip blossomed into a life dedicated to the service of others and Humans 4 Humanity was born.

In 2017, Neda and Rafat founded the House of Humanity. An Aid Distribution Center serving approximately 3,000 refugees per month with their food, clothing, hygiene, and baby products.